Badass Librarians are an acoustic rock duo featuring musicians John Siegle and Erin Brush.  John’s masterful rock ‘n roll guitar riffs, and Erin’s steady rhythm guitar and percussion, back-up their vocal harmonies in an eclectic mix of classic and alternative rock tunes ranging from The Beatles and Kinks to Jack White and Cage the Elephant, with several of John’s own originals mixed in.  John Siegle has an impressive history in the Chicago music scene, starting with his band Screams in the 70’s, Insiders and Mike Jordan and the Rockamatics in the 80’s and 90’s, and various other Chicago bands throughout his musical career. Erin is a classically trained pianist and singer turned rock bassist and acoustic guitarist.  She plays regularly on the North Shore with John in a couple of different bands. When they’re not rocking the band scene, they unplug as the Badass Librarians and together they’ve taken their acoustic interpretations of a wide and varied selection of rock songs and made them uniquely their own.